“Well, now, if I didn’t think you sewed his collar with white thread, but it’s black.”
- Sidney, commenting on Tom's collar thread

Sidney Sawyer is a supporting character in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He acts as the half-brother to Tom Sawyer, and nephew to Aunt Polly.

Sidney has a habit of getting Tom into trouble with his aunt, often acting as the goody-two-shoes of the family home. Tom despises Sidney because of this, often making physical threats of violence towards him or insulting him verbally.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Sidney's early life, although we do know that he grew up alongside Tom Sawyer with a deceased father and mother.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Chapter I Edit

Sidney is introduced subtly when Tom Sawyer comes home from hooky to help Jim in sawing next day's wood. Here, Sidney had already made it partially through his work picking up wood chips from the split kindling's while Tom was slacking on his duties. Here Sid is described as a "quiet boy, and had no adventurous, trouble-some ways."

Later during supper, Tom had almost gotten away with swimming when he should have been at school, after showing Aunt Polly his securely sewn shirt collar. However, Sidney butted in:

“Well, now, if I didn’t think you sewed his collar with white thread, but it’s black.”

Polly then hollers at Tom, in which he walks out the front door before telling Sid that he'd get a licking for what he had done.

Appearance Edit

While not described in the book physically whatsoever, the illustration provided in the original print of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer depicts the boy well.

Sidney Sawyer is a short child compared to Tom, standing around only 4" tall. Wearing a farmer's flannel, the boy