Paint the Town

Paint the Town.AVI

Take the paint brush in your hand

Hold it just like so

dip the brush into the paint and away you go


Paint the town use your own imagination

up and down makes the world go round

come on and paint the town you will be a big sensation

up and down as you paint the town

What are you doing?

Havin' fun.

What's Ben doin'?

Havin' fun.

That's not fun that's work. Hey Ben, are you havin' fun or are you workin'?

Havin' fun!

That's not fun that's work

Have you ever tried it?


Then how do you know if it's work or fun?

Well it looks like work to us.

Your scared of gettin' messed aren't you?


That's it, your scared of gettin' messed and get in trouble when you get home.

Am not.

Prove it.

Alright, I will.

If you want to have some fun and you think you're smart

grab a brush and lend a hand

Now's the time to start


Time to paint the town

we'll go up and down

and go all around

Time to paint the Town!

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