• Kickinitkim

    I felt a song coming on tonight. About leaving my elementary school. Tuesday is my last day but i don't want to leave. My song: PCES Don't Go.

    I first came here when I was very young

    But strangely I liked this new odd place.

    I felt at home at this exciting place.

    Five years had came and went,

    Soon enough it was my last year there

    Soon came the very last day

    But I didn't want to leave where I was

    Now there's somethin' that I've got to say out loud


    PCS don't go

    You'll be in my heart

    I've always thought of you as my own

    Didn't think I'd have to go

    PCS don't go

    I invited friends to talk about it

    I thought they would feel the same way,

    but it turned out they were excited to go

    I couldn't believe it because times that we had

    Later that night I talked to E…

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